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What can you do with a

Lynchburg degree? Anything.

Lynchburg will give you the resources, support, and attention you need to thrive. Get a hands-on education and the critical thinking skills to help you reach your goals.

Your story

Before you come to college, you discover what sparks your curiosity, and you start thinking about the future. After graduation, you’ve got a career or two ahead of you. Lynchburg is where you’ll grow and get ready for that future.

  • Top 20 Universities, US News and World Report
  • Best 394 Universities by Princeton Review

Francessca Vasquez ’00

Francessca leads an international team that helps companies such as Lyft, Snap, Epic Games, and Intuit innovate with Amazon Web Services.

The sense of community was instant. I felt engaged. I felt listened to. I felt supported. It continued through my entire four years here. My professors became my mentors. They personalized my journey, which kept my interest high. That’s not just in computer science. All the professors were highly devoted to the student experience.

Francessca Vasquez ’00

Computer Science
Director of Architecture and Customer Success
Amazon Web Services

The real world

starts here

Get out of the classroom, roll up your sleeves, and get to work. We'll help you find opportunities to put what you’re learning to use.




Nat LeDonne ’18

Nat developed her passion for photography with the help of classes, a campus job, internships, and people who helped at every turn. When her mentor arranged for her to photograph a D-I football game, it opened the door to a career. Now she travels the country shooting action-packed competitions between some of the best college teams in the country.

“Faculty might have office hours, but they will help you outside of those hours, too. They actually care that you’re learning and growing as a person. And it’s not only people in your department. A lot of people know what you want to do, and they look out for you.”

Nat LeDonne ’18
Communication Studies
Assistant Athletics Photographer, Duke University

Get out of your comfort zone, without being uncomfortable

You'll dig deeper and stretch further, taking that extra step to try something new. You can expect to thrive at the University of Lynchburg.

  • 100% of our students have hands-on experiences.

of our students have hands-on experiences

Dustin Williams ’05

Dustin was a senior when his theatre professor encouraged him to get involved with the entire process in a production of Into the Woods.

“One of the biggest things was the freedom to experiment a little bit. I took a directing class and got the hands-on-ness — that’s not a word — of being involved in every aspect. I wasn’t in tech theatre but got to ask the designer all kinds of questions. I ended up working on the set before rehearsal, and worked on making the trees. The first time I got to work on that side of things, I got to be a practitioner and not just a performer.”

Dustin Williams ’05
Founder, Wolfbane Performing Arts Center

Learn more,

be more

Change is constant. We'll teach you to think on your feet, and prepare you for success in your professional life. Hone your creative, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills — skills you’ll use for a lifetime.

  • Placements in 110+ graduate schools around the world.

 Placements in


Graduate Schools Around The World

Emily Brown ’02

Emily hasn’t let an opportunity pass her by since graduating from Lynchburg. She’s been a features reporter for the Potomac News and Manassas Journal Messenger, a CityGuide editor for AOL, and she worked for Stars & Stripes, an independent military newspaper. Now, Emily supervises a team of digital editors at USA Today.

“You have an opportunity to engage with your classmates and professors in a way that not all students get. Take that opportunity. Lynchburg already offers an amazing experience, with caring professors and small class sizes.”

Emily Brown ’02
Communication Studies
Master’s degree, Magazine, Newspaper and Online Journalism, Syracuse University
Senior Manager of Audience, USA Today

Invest in
your future

Your professors have your back while you chase your goals.

Lynchburg alumni have gone on to law school, medical school, and other graduate programs at Harvard, Cornell, University of Virginia, UNC-Chapel Hill, Villanova, and more than 100 other universities.

  • Our students are 2x more likely to do research with faculty.

Our Student Are


more likely to do research with faculty

Mary King ’20

Mary King ’20 finished her psychology degree in December 2019, and was accepted into a neuroscience PhD program. She says she couldn’t have done it without her Lynchburg professors.

“The cool thing about our department is how real everyone is, and how much they just want us all do well. The professors are willing to show you every possibility in your future, from teaching workshops to finding new research opportunities. I will miss all of my professors. They are the ones who prepared me for this career in research and academics, and I owe everything to this program.

Mary King ’20
Psychology major 

Gender Studies minor

Put it all together.

We'll help you connect the dots between your passion, education, and life experiences.

Landon Hammerley ’19

Landon turned a passion for the game “Call of Duty” into a business. But Lynchburg expanded that vision.

He learned how to lead a team, create a business, and build a brand which has more than 725,000 subscribers.

I want to create content that is genuine, meaningful, and has a purpose that people can really connect to and feel a part of. The educational background I’ve had from high school to college has given me that mindset of building something that’s long-lasting for a career. It also gave me the ability to actually build it.”

Landon Hammerley ’19
Marketing major
Influencer, Online gamer 

Founder of KARNAGE Clan

It doesn't

end here.

Lynchburg alumni don’t just go off and do great things, they come back. Every year, alumni like Kevin Scott, Emily Brown, and Francessca Vasquez return to campus to mentor and network with students through events like Hornet2Hornet.

Kevin Scott ’94
Computer Science

Executive Vice President of AI and Research and Chief Technology Officer
Host, "Behind the Tech" 

Author,  "Reprogramming the American Dream: From Rural America to Silicon ValleyMaking AI Serve Us All"

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