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Biology Jobs and Careers

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Biology Jobs and Careers

Biology majors are in demand, and for good reason. They’re trained to think critically about the world around them, which is important in any field they choose to pursue. They have an understanding of both the natural and social sciences that make them well-rounded thinkers who can solve problems from multiple angles. And they know how to communicate their findings effectively – whether it be through writing or speaking – so others can understand too

Biology careers and salaries

You want a career where your skills will never go out of date because there’s always something new happening in science? A job where you get paid to learn more about the world around us? A profession where you don’t need years of experience before people take notice of your work? If this sounds like what you want, then a biology major might just be right for you!

  • Biological Technician, $46,350
  • Biochemist, $94,270
  • Genetic Counselor, $89,710
  • Health Communications Specialist, $66,335
  • Health Educator, $46,910
  • Pharmaceutical Sales, $82,950
  • Physician Assistant/Nurse Practitioner, $112,260/$115,800
  • Health Services Manager, $104,280

Salary and job projections come from national averages in the Bureau of Labor Statistics and other sources from industry specific posts and publications, Glassdoor, Indeed and other resources. Data is meant to provide you with an idea of career options and salary ranges, and may vary by source and time collected.