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Doctor of Physical Therapy

Where Passion for Movement Meets Clinical Excellence.

Your pathway to mastery in physical therapy begins here.

Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) at Lynchburg

Innovation, service, and dedication are at the heart of the University of Lynchburg’s Doctor of Physical Therapy program.  Our curriculum is designed with  your growth in mind, merging cutting-edge techniques with evidence-based practices. Learn hands on across a vast array of clinical sites to master patient-centered care and engage in transformative service opportunities. DPT students make a profound impact on individuals and communities alike. Your journey to becoming a trailblazer in physical therapy starts here

Inclusive Tuition

Your tuition includes textbooks, an Apple MacBook Air, a medical kit, and more.

Exclusive facilities

24/7 access to a 37,000-square-foot facility dedicated to physical therapy. 

100% Employment

  • 100% of our graduates are employed within one year of graduation.



Ranked among the top Doctor of Physical Therapy programs by U.S. News and World Report.

The Doctor of Physical Therapy is the gold standard for those dedicated to mastery in movement and rehabilitation. At Lynchburg, our DPT courses enrich your foundational knowledge, emphasizing a patient-centered approach, evidence-based focus, and real-world clinical experiences. Every lesson is a stepping stone, designed for immediate application in diverse therapeutic settings. The Lynchburg DPT program is the catalyst propelling you to the pinnacle of your profession.

Now accepting applications for Summer 2024.

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Or call us

What sets Lynchburg DPT program apart?

We could give you dozens of reasons, but here are five great reasons to choose Lynchburg:

  • Dedicated Faculty: Engage with experts passionate about personalized mentoring, ensuring your academic success.
  • Real-World ExperienceUndergo 40 weeks of clinical exposure across diverse U.S. health care settings, bridging theory with practice.
  • Community Health ClinicServe Central Virginia residents at our on-site, student-run clinic and experience firsthand the nuances of community care.
  • Dual Certification AdvantageAdd a Master of Science in Athletic Training certification, unlocking specialized roles in sports medicine.
  • Graduate Cadaver LabEngage in hands-on anatomical studies, leveraging a specialized lab to deepen your understanding of human physiology.

Dr. Rusty Smith was probably the one I learned the most from during my time there [because of] his wealth of knowledge in orthopedics, which I still use every day when evaluating and treating athletes.

J.T. Podell ’15 DPT

Director of Minor League Athletic Training and Reconditioning, New York Mets

Previous: Director of Rehabilitation and Athletic Trainer, New Jersey Devils

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