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Master of Public Health

Empower your nursing journey with our MPH program.

Elevate your career and make a lasting impact on public health in as little as one year.

Have questions about the Master of Public Health

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Lynchburg's Master of Public Health

The University of Lynchburg's Master of Public Health program equips you with the skills and knowledge needed to promote good health and well-being in diverse populations.

This degree teaches you how to assess population needs, design and evaluate interventions, apply knowledge ethically, understand the policies influencing population health, collect and analyze data, and much more. Aspiring public health professionals can further their career in this rewarding field through evidence-based practices. 

This affordable program — the most affordable in Virginia, in fact — provides a unique opportunity for you to become a leader and change-maker while making a positive impact around the world.
  • No GRE required.
  • Complete the program in 1 year.
  • No application fee.
  • 100% of graduates are employed or furthering their education.
  • 100% CHES exam pass rate.
  • 100% online program.

The Most Affordable MPH in Virginia

Lynchburg’s Master of Public Health program is by far the most affordable in Virginia. Plus, because we’re a private university, Virginia residents can receive an additional $2,500 non-need-based grant from the state through the Virginia Tuition Assistance Grant (VTAG). The VTAG, doesn’t need to be repaid and cannot be applied toward public university tuition.

Costs, statewide, to complete your Master of Public Health:

  • University of Lynchburg: $17,160
  • Virginia Polytechnic and State University: $25,008
  • Eastern Virginia Medical School: $42,312
  • Virginia Commonwealth University: $26,028
  • George Mason University: $29,988
  • Old Dominion University: $24,553
  • University of Virginia: $48,818
  • Shenandoah University: $33,525
  • Liberty University: $22,890

Lynchburg's MPH students get a forward-thinking experience that encourages collaboration with other students, faculty, and the community. Our student-centered approach emphasizes creativity, critical thinking, independent research, and problem-solving as essential tools for making positive change. With experienced professors, diverse curricula, and hands-on experiences, inside and outside the classroom, you’ll be well-equipped with the necessary skills to become an impactful public health leader.

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Or call us:

Unlock Your Full Potential with this Innovative, Student-centric MPH Program

Promote positive change and develop essential skills through collaboration, creativity, critical thinking, independent research, and problem-solving.

  • Amazing leadership and faculty: Designed and led by a former White House medical officer and State Department medical provider.
  • 100% CHES Exam Pass Rate: The Certified Health Education Specialist exam is an important step for public health graduates. It’s widely recognized by employers as a benchmark for excellence in health education.
  • Grant-writing Experience: Grant writing is a critical part of the Master of Public Health program and a highly sought after skill because it helps communities and organizations secure funds to improve lives.
  • Project and Community-based Learning: Public health students work with the University Research Center and community organizations to find solutions to problems facing actual people and populations.
  • Spectacular Career Outlook: The public health field is growing much faster than average, compared to other occupations, making it a great choice for those seeking job security and solid earning potential.

The environmental health class [was] where I realized I was really more passionate about that side of things. It’s a mix of public health and science.

Emily Guthrie ’18 MPH

Environmental Health Technical Specialist

Lynchburg Health Department

District Standardization Officer,

Central Virginia Health District Food program

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