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MEd in Interdisciplinary Studies

Embrace Liberal Arts

Transform your career with a customized educational journey.

Master of Education in Interdisciplinary Studies (MEd)

The University of Lynchburg’s MEd in Interdisciplinary Studies is a launchpad for your career, enabling you to integrate knowledge from diverse fields through your personalized curriculum. Regardless of your background you can become a leader across career fields, from business to education, or healthcare to nonprofit management and beyond. This innovative MEd program bridges the gap between the liberal arts mindset and the strategic focus of graduate education, offering a flexible, interdisciplinary approach to professional development. 

Flexible Delivery 

Choose from online and in-person courses.

2 Years

Finish in two years.

Customized to You

You’ll create a personalized degree that aligns with your career goals.

Lynchburg's Master of Education in Interdisciplinary Studies (MEd) is a distinctive program designed to empower professionals like you to craft a personalized curriculum that brings to life the connections that you see with your unique career ambitions. Our program is specially designed for those who aim to lead and innovate in a rapidly changing world, providing the skills and insights needed to excel in multiple fields.

Offering unparalleled flexibility, Lynchburg’s Interdisciplinary MEd allows students to integrate previous coursework, making it a versatile choice for professionals seeking to customize their education for real-world application across diverse careers.

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Choose Your Passion:

The MEd in Interdisciplinary Studies offers several course areas for students to customize their degree:

  • Business and Administration: Enrich your studies with business and administration course, tapping into business leadership strategies from entrepreneurship to management, and enhancing your versatility in any career path. 
  • Healthcare Administration: Gain expertise in the healthcare industry through courses focused on the complexities of its systems, policy formation, and strategic leadership, equipping you to effect meaningful change in the healthcare field.  
  • Holistic Education: Develop a holistic educational perspective through courses in counseling, reading and special education for those dedicated to fostering inclusive learning environments and boosting literacy. 
  • Leadership Training: Acquire the skills to innovate, manage teams, and navigate educational and business settings, driving change in the process. 
  • Nonprofit Experience: Incorporate courses in nonprofit fundraising, management, and finance to effectively lead and make a difference in the nonprofit sector. 
  • Public Health: Integrate a health-conscious perspective into your degree with our public health course, enhancing your ability to tackle today's complex health challenges. 

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