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MEd in Instructional Design and Technology

Empower Learners with Cutting-Edge Tools.

Transform your career in just two years online.

Master of Education in Instructional Design and Technology

The University of Lynchburg’s MEd in Instructional Design and Technology prepares you to become a pivotal force in instructional design, capable of adapting to the rapidly evolving landscape of digital learning. This program is designed for you to meet the growing need for innovative educators and instructional designers skilled in integrating technology with instructional practices. Explore advanced research and emerging methodologies that open pathways to careers in instructional design, educational technology, and curriculum development.

100% Online

The flexible path to your degree.

2 Years

Finish in two years.

3 Emphases

Three options to help you get exactly what you want out of your master's degree.

Lynchburg’s online MEd in Instructional Design and Technology program can transform your career by empowering you to become a leader in educational technology and design. Apply what you learn immediately and make impactful changes in real-time as you guide educational institutions into the future. This program is your gateway to mastering innovative educational strategies and becoming a champion for effective and inclusive learning.

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How will you make your impact?

Lynchburg’s MEd in Instructional Design and Technology offers three emphases to advance your career.

  • General Emphasis: Expand your professional impact by applying instructional design across diverse industries, creating effective learning strategies and fostering development in corporate, nonprofit, and traditional educational environments.
  • Higher Education Emphasis: Influence higher education through technology by developing innovative learning systems, driving data-informed decisions, and managing the unique challenges of post-secondary education.
  • K-12 Emphasis: Transform primary and secondary education by integrating cutting-edge technology to enhance the learning experience for all students, ensuring they receive a comprehensive and inclusive education.

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