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Master of Nonprofit Leadership

Unlock Your Inner Innovator: Become a Strategic Nonprofit Leader.

Be ready in just 15 months!

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Lynchburg's MA in Nonprofit Leadership

The Master of Nonprofit Leadership program provides a comprehensive understanding of leadership and management principles, as well as how to apply innovative strategies tailored to create impactful changes within an organization. You’ll learn about core areas:  action-oriented principles of leadership, such as advocacy work, volunteer engagement strategies, and communication tactics; strategic data analysis; and how to use research evaluation analytics skills for effective decision making. 

You’ll be able to plan and implement operational goals throughout the nonprofit sector — all while incorporating best practices for optimizing organizational efficiency. You’ll bridge the gap between ideas and tangible outcomes that result in sustainable progress within social organizations.  

  • No GRE required.
  • Complete in 15 months
  • No application fee.
  • 100% online.

See how our tuition compares

Lynchburg's Master of Nonprofit Leadership

Complete in one year.


Other Universities

Master of Nonprofit Leadership

  • Pacific University: $24,820
  • Arizona State University: $22,308
  • Walden University: $20,990
  • University of Pennsylvania: $69,600
  • Whitworth University: $24,300

Other Universities

Master of Nonprofit Management

  • Columbia University: $87,408
  • Oregon State University: $19,206
  • Drexel University: $24,408
  • Northeastern University: $36,800
  • California State University Northridge: $28,296

You’ll learn theories on leadership and management, and how to apply innovative practices to improve efficiency and effectiveness in nonprofits. You’ll also master how to design, implement, and evaluate policies and practices. Take the next step in your career and enroll in the University of Lynchburg’s Master of Nonprofit Leadership program today.

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Unlock your potential as a leader, manager, and innovator with the University of Lynchburg's Master of Nonprofit Leadership program. 

This comprehensive program provides you with the knowledge and skills needed to lead organizations in the nonprofit sector.

  • Strategic communications and public relations — Strengthen your nonprofit's voice in the community and learn how to effectively communicate with your target audience.
  • Leading in a digital environment — Gain the skills necessary to lead and manage staff and boards, and organize volunteer groups in a constantly-changing world. 
  • Fundraising and grant writing — Learn best practices for fundraising and grant writing, and the skills to develop a comprehensive fundraising strategy to secure the financial support your nonprofit needs.
  • Certificates in management, fundraising, and marketing — Not ready to commit to a full master’s degree? The Nonprofit Management and Nonprofit Fundraising and Marketing certificates can count towards the completion of the Master of Nonprofit Leadership.

Nonprofit Career Outlook

Over the next decade, the nonprofit sector is expected to continue to grow, and jobs in this sector will become increasingly important and sought after. With a multitude of opportunities available, the nonprofit sector is definitely a great career choice for those looking to make a difference.


  • Growth: +11% (much faster than average)
  • Average salary: $60,660

Public Relations and Fundraising Managers:

  • Growth: +8% (faster than average)
  • Average salary: $119,860

Technical Writer (includes grant writing):

  • Growth: +6% (average)
  • Average salary: $78,060

Social and Community Service Managers:

  • Growth: +12% (much faster than average)
  • Average salary: $74,000

This program covers every aspect of nonprofit management. That may feel intimidating at times, but I would encourage you to lean in and welcome that vulnerability, because those are the times in which you learn the most.

Rachel Covington, MA ’20

Co-Owner, Hawthorne & Jade Design Co.

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