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Theatre major

What can I do with a theatre degree?
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Theatre major

Theatre (BA)

If you want to explore your creative side, study theatre at the University of Lynchburg! You'll get hands-on experience in acting, directing, and designing or building sets and props. You’ll be right at home with supportive faculty who focus on each student's needs. Get personalized coaching and individualized learning plans from people who love what they do — all while helping you work towards artistic mastery and professional success.

The University of Lynchburg theatre major offers you an opportunity to cultivate your talents through immersive experiences from day one.

Our program offers Visual and Performing Arts Scholarships for students interested in performance, design, and technical areas.

As a Lynchburg theatre student, you’ll:

  • Gain hands-on experience on stage and behind the scenes through acting, directing, and designing or building sets/props. 
  • Get personalized coaching from supportive faculty.
  • Participate in readings, senior projects, and original play readings.

The theatre major offers three emphases:

"I took a directing class and got the hands-on-ness — that’s not a word — of being involved in every aspect. I wasn’t in tech theatre but got to ask the designer all kinds of questions." read more

Dustin Williams '05

Theatre major

Faculty Contact

Jeffrey Wittman, MFA
Professor of Theatre
Chair of the Theatre Department